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  • Heart rate at the wrist
    Polar Sleep Plus™ function
    Fitness monitoring


  • Advanced training functions
    (running programme, monitoring of the running index, fitness test)
    Built-in GPS

Polar Flow

  • Polar Flow

The running watch with GPS and Polar M430 heart rate easily measures your heart rate at the wrist in a precise and reliable way.
When you are outside, the built-in GPS of the Polar M430 running watch measures your speed, distance and altitude. When you are inside, it is the movements of the wrists that are used to measure your pace and distance.
Sleeping properly is the key to your well-being and your recovery for best results: you need to rest in order to be in good shape. Polar Sleep Plus™ gives you the tools to improve your sleep each night.
The running program of the Polar M430 running watch with wrist heart rate monitor gives you a progressive training program that is suited to your profile and objectives:
- Follow your Running Index in order to keep an eye on the progress of your running performance.
- The Polar fitness test is easier than ever with the wrist heart rate monitor.
The M430 wrist heart rate running GPS watch is compatible with POLAR FLOW, a comprehensive platform for monitoring your fitness and training available on PC and mobile.


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