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Heart rate

  • Heart rate
    at the wrist


  • Coaching
    (heart rate effort zones)

Battery life

  • 4 full days of battery life
    (with monitoring of everyday activity and sleep)


  • Compatible with
    Decathlon Connect

This smartwatch is made for runners seeking to measure their heart rate at the wrist and measure their daily distance and running distance.
Running for your well-being and/or to lose weight? Measure your heart rate at the wrist, so that you are less out of breath when running and optimise your calorie expenditure.
The fitness tracker easily, accurately and reliably measures your heart rate at the wrist.
Coaching tailored to the creation of heart rate effort zones (Warm-up, Comfort, Endurance, Resistance.)
The OnCoach 900 HR jogging smartwatch with heart rate monitor at the wrist is compatible with Decathlon Connect, the fitness monitoring and training platform available on mobile devices. Your sessions will be synchronised with DecathlonCoach.


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