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Garmin connect

Fitness within reach

On mobile devices or online, Garmin Connect is the tool you need to monitor, analyse and share health and sport activities using your Garmin device.

Your day at a glance

Garmin Connect displays all your important health and input data so that they are easier to consult. You can choose the information that is displayed in the order you want. You will also receive more detailed analyses. You can consult the daily, monthly and annual averages of your health statistics, a history of your favourite activities and much more.

Surpass yourself

Garmin Connect provides all the tools you need to give your training sessions a boost. With Garmin Coach, you get personalised training sessions that are tailored to your capacities, personalised advice from a coach and useful articles and videos.

Track your activities

Do you run, swim, do kayaking or lift weights? Whatever your activity, Garmin Connect can track it. The statistics recorded during each activity are used to analyse your performance and make improvements for the next time.

Linking up with friends

Don't stay by yourself on Garmin Connect, contact your friends. You can take part in walking and distance challenges, create groups and encourage your friends by adding comments or likes. The Badge function is used to win badges as a reward for your achievements and compare them with your friends.

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