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Fitbit App

Check out the app that puts all your health and sports features into your hands.

Get an overview of your day

From the steps completed to the distance covered, as well as the calories burned and the active minutes, monitor your progress every day and over time.

Make the most of your training sessions

Consult your exercise statistics directly in the app in order to optimise your training sessions and monitor your progress.

Use your heart to find out more about your health

DécouFind out about your heart rate zones during training sessions, monitor the fluctuations in your heart rate at rest and check out your heart rate score.

Rest more effectively

Wear your fitness tracker or smartwatch at night to record your sleep. Then use the Fitbit app to view the analyses, set yourself objectives and establish a better bedtime routine.

Take stock of the cumulative effect of all your physical exercise.

Record meals and snacks and compare this information with your activity stats in order to get a more accurate view of the absorbed/expended calories ratio.

Stay motivated by your fitness course

Link up with friends, join groups and take up challenges that will help you to make progress towards your objectives.

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