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Decathlon Connect

DECATHLON CONNECT is the ideal companion for your Kiprun GPS watches, OnCoach activity trackers and Scale smart scales.

You can use the simple and practical app on a daily basis to follow every step of your progress regardless of whether you are looking to improve your well-being or you are an experienced sports user.
The app, which is perfect for your sports, brings together your sport sessions and offers you detailed analyses of your performance: speed graph, heart rate and route mapping for the GPS watches. You become your own coach!

For your well-being, it can be used to view your daily objectives in terms of steps and monitor the quality of your sleep.
Track the regularity of your physical efforts in order to stay active. And your motivation will be sky high all day long!
Want more freedom to consult your activities? The app offers a service for sharing information with the main sports platforms (Apple Health, Strava, etc.)

They are compatible
Decathlon Connect :