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Neo 2T smart


The new magnets have considerably improved the discretion of the home trainer NEO 2T Smart. The internal air movements and vibrations are reduced, resulting in exceptional silence.

and reliable analysis
of the pedalling stroke

By adding cycling dynamics to the ANT+® standard connectivity, the NEO 2T Smart analyses your pedalling stroke with the help of a third party program, including that of the GPS Edge® cycling computers.

Smooth pedalling

The NEO 2T Smart reacts very quickly and responds instantly to changes in speed or gradient. It also has dynamic inertia which compensates for the weight, speed and incline angle, providing the most realistic and smooth riding feel possible.

and climbs

The new design of the NEO 2T Smart's motor also improves the riding sensation in climbs and accelerations. The power of the NEO 2T's motor has been increased, thereby generating higher levels of resistance under specific conditions, like sprinting or at low speed.

With its improved design and its redesigned components, the NEO 2T Smart home trainer makes your training even more silent, delivering an even more impressive experience and superior riding sensation, particularly in climbs and sprints.